My First Blog Post

Hi there! Wow, it feels so surreal to actually be writing my first blog post. Like so many other 17 year old girls living in this day and age, I have dreamt of writing a blog for years. Well, truthfully, my dream was to run a YouTube channel, but in recent years my focus has set more in line with a written blog.
So yes, why am I writing a blog? That, my friend, is a good question. The shallow reason is that photography is my jam. My less shallow answer is that I want a huge collection of memories throughout this point in my life (at least) and a blog is definitely a good storage unit. But the deep and honest answer is that I have a desire inside of me to pour out myself to other people. And that is a scary thing.
Throughout this blog, I want to simply share my life. I want to imagine beautiful outfit inspiration and put it somewhere. I want to photograph awesome memories and put them somewhere. But I also want to write about my life and put it somewhere. I want to write my thoughts or about my faith. I want to encourage people. I hope that this proves to be a good outlet for all of those things.
Thanks for stumbling across my blog, and I hope you enjoy this little peek into my life.
Love, Abbey

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