sun freckles

Sometimes when I am driving to school I am overcome with the magnificence of God. I know, unlikely place. But honestly it happens. I either see something or think of something that makes me reflect on Him, and I am always dumbfounded.

Easily my favorite part of driving to school, and possibly the only valid reason to leave my house before 7:30, is driving over a bridge near my house. Every time I ride over this bridge with my mom, she always comments on how she just loves the shimmery water. I guess that her love for the sparkle has rubbed off on me too.
Every morning, I am greeted by an amazing sunrise, and I mean amazing. What truly mesmerizes me is the beauty, but not only in the amazing colors, but that it is different every single day. I have never seen the same sunrise twice. Similar colors, yes. Same position, yes. But not an identical event. I know that there is legit scientific reasons for this: the weather and seasons probably affect it. But still, it is amazing that something so constant and beautiful is also infinitely unique. Every time, like clockwork, it causes me to smile and say “Good morning, Lord”. I know it is cheesy, but it is always a good morning.
I recall a certain morning that the sun was extra bright. Like the kind of bright that you cannot actually look straight into. Like Abbey-don’t-take-your-eyes-off-the-road-because-now-you-are-temporarily-blind-and-still-driving-a-moving-vehicle kind of bright. But it was gorgeous nonetheless. And in that moment when my eyes hurt a little due to the brightness, I thought back to when God revealed himself to mankind on earth. I know, it’s weird that that was my first thought, but honestly that is what I thought of. I thought back to the many times in the Bible that people actually saw glimpses of God, but not even in all of his glory. When God reveals part of himself to people in the Bible (like Moses, Paul, Peter, James, and more), most often they fall to their faces in admiration and humility.
Now, when I saw that bright sun I did not fall to my face. It honestly just made me see spots for a few seconds. But then I got to thinking. Wow, God is even brighter than that sun. Then I realized, Abbey, the sun you just saw is merely a star within a galaxy that God has created. And there are billions of galaxies out there, with billions of stars each, many of which are even brighter than our sun!
And I imagined all of that brightness brought together to be as bright as God’s glory. And STILL that wasn’t enough.
Which led me to think, the stars are bright, but they are nothing compared to His true beauty. They are merely freckles along Jesus’ face. Honestly, I really liked that image. That beautiful, unique, and brilliant part of creation is just a teeny, tiny fleck. Many people view freckles as imperfections on the skin (which I definitely disagree with), but what an interesting comparison.
And honestly, we could argue all day that the sun could not even compare to a metaphorical atom of God’s holy body. And we could argue that describing God could, in part, be limiting Him to things that we understand. But honestly, my only intention, within my little, finite mind, is to bring a sense of admiration to the thinkers out there.
To me, it is comforting knowing that Jesus, the Son of God who desired so passionately an intimate relationship with me, is more beautiful than all the stars, all the waves, all the sunrises, all the fields, all the mountains, and all the beauty that I can observe here on earth. I just feel in awe.
All of the glory that we can possibly imagine, from the magnificence of stars, to the beauty in the ocean, to the tranquility of rolling hills. They are nothing in the grand scheme of God’s incomprehensible glory.
So, if you are in need of some awe-inspiring thoughts, just look at the Son’s freckles.

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