5 Days until Christmas + 5 Things…

Christmas is fast approaching and I feel like I have been going 100 miles an hour all season long. With exams creeping up and life just constantly rushing me, Christmas has quite honestly been the last thing on my radar (which I am extremely sad to say). So as a focus point for me and an interesting post for you, here are my 5 favorite Christmas traditions…

1. Sisters, sisters…

     The movie “White Christmas” is by far my family’s top choice for Christmas movies. We watch it every single year (and sometimes I find myself watching it in July). I love the music, the dancing, the story, the actors, the ski lodge, the snow, ah. Everything. But the best scene of the entire movie is the “Sisters, sisters” act that Betty and Judy perform. My sister, Brooke, and I are nearly obsessed. We always sing the song together and may or may not have created a dance to go along with it. Side note: that picture is of me and my sissy from Christmas Eve 2015!

2. A Christmas Carol!

     Another tradition for my family is going to see the production of “A Christmas Carol” done at an amazing local theater company. This year will mark our 7th year going and it is always amazing. It is one of those things that is so familiar and yet so special at the same time. We all get dressed up, take the light tram into Downtown, have an amazing dinner, and attend the play. It is one of my favorite traditions by far.

3. Christmas Pajamas

     I know that this is definitely not unique to my family because so many other families do this is as well, but Christmas pajamas are such a sweet tradition. Every year on Christmas eve, we open one gift (which is always the PJ’s)! Then, of course, we wear them to bed and then all day on Christmas. We are definitely not the type of family that dresses up on Christmas. We wear our PJ’s all day and simply enjoy the day together!

4. Grandma & Pappy

     First off, in my family, we called my grandfather ‘Pappy’ (not sure why but we do). So anyways, my mom is one of three kids who now all live in different states (VA, TN, and PA), so getting together for Christmas has never been a very common occurrence. However, my mom’s parents, who still live in West Virginia, switch between their kids’ houses every year which means they visit my family for Christmas every three years! I am so excited because this year it is our turn to have them visit! I love my grandparents so very much. I am extremely blessed to say that I still have all four of my grandparents living (and even one great-grandfather!). So seeing my grandparents at Christmas time is an amazing blessing and something that I definitely do not want to take for granted.

 5. The Nativity Story

     Also a Christmas Eve tradition is watching “The Nativity Story” movie after Christmas Eve service at church. Many families read the passage in Luke that tells the Nativity story, but we have loved watching this movie ever since it came out in 2006. I think that it is very, very well done. As cliché as it sounds, it is always a nice refresh on the true meaning of Christmas and just makes me so thankful.
Wishing you all a very, very merry Christmas!
xx Gail

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