Yellow Jumper

Spur of the moment coffee date + impromptu photoshoots = a pretty great Saturday afternoon. Here are some pictures…



I stopped by one of my favorite coffee shops, Cure, with my boyfriend the other day and got a little pick me up.


Here I am sipping my latte and acting like I didn’t know my pictures was being taken.



Right next door is the CUTEST macaron shop called Hummingbird. Trevor and I grabbed a  Nutella macaron and a Peppermint macaron to eat with our coffee. Great decision.


Oh, this is Trevor. He is a cutie and didn’t know I snapped this picture.
Trevor is always the man behind the camera, so I’m glad I got to snap a few candids of him.



Okay, now on to the outfit!


My yellow sweater (or jumper, as my Australian boyfriend calls it) is from a Thrift Shop in Fredericksburg, VA. Shoutout to my youth group girls who helped me find this gem for a fashion show that we performed during our retreat! Yay for thrift store finds.


No lie, I received  a total of 4 compliments that afternoon just on this sweater. It is the best.


Also, if you saw my Fall Fashion post from a few months ago, you would recognize the street I am on! This area is one of Trevor and I’s favorite places.


My adorable purse was a gift from my Mama and Sister who bought it this January in Florence, Italy at a street market. I love, love, love it.


Mid laugh but hey, it is good lighting.


Again, if you saw my Fall Fashion post, you may recognize these jeans. They are my absolute favorite pair from American Eagle. I wear them far too much.



These shoes are Faux Leather Slip-on Vans. So comfy and so cute.


I was really loving this street that day, even more than usual. It makes me feel like I am in Soho NYC, or something. Also, sun shining + cobblestone street = happy Abbey.


Whenever I tell people about Trevor, I always tell them how much cooler he is than me.
I mean, really. He is the coolest guy I know.


This picture was so much cooler in my head. While I do look super awkward, I still really like the final result. I hope everyone understands the pun (yellow jumper?).



This extremely serious shot was the combination of Trevor’s perfect timing and my inner model. Actually it was just me trying to be silly and Trevor capturing it on my camera.


I wish everyone could know this guy like I know him. He is so caring, selfless, passionate, and adventurous. He inspires me to take risks and love people better. He is seriously such a cool guy.




When you honestly didn’t think you were in frame. How we were able to capture 2 incredibly serious pictures in 30 minutes is beyond me. Thanks, Trev, for catching me off guard 🙂


outfit details
Yellow Sweater: thrifted. similar / Jeans: American Eagle similar / Shoes: Vans / Purse: Italian street market. similar

Thankful for sweet Saturdays spent with some sweet company. Thankful for $2 macarons and pretty coffee shops. Thankful for my camera man and gorgeous streets.

Here’s to making the most of 30 degree weather weekends and some pretty sunshine.

Wishing you all a fabulous week!
xx Gail

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