St. Thomas Getaway: Part 1!

Quite spontaneously, my mom and I booked flights to St. Thomas and decided to go on a little island getaway during my spring break! It was such a fun trip with my mama and we took LOADS of picture, so here they are!

I had so many photos to share, so I split them up into Part 1 and Part 2.



The view from out hotel room looked over Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas. I took way too many snapchats of this view!





Can you tell I was excited to be there?



Gorgeous! The first day and a half were dreary, rainy, and windy, which was a bummer. But thankfully the Lord brought us some sunshine and we had such a great week!


Since our first day was super rainy, we spend the afternoon in the downtown shops area. There were such cute boutiques, restaurants, and alleys to see!



By time we got back to the resort, the rain had died down so we were able to walk down to the beach. The green cliffs were so beautiful to walk down.



Something you may not know about St. Thomas is that there are tons of native iguanas! They just roam around, minding their own business, but are so fun to look at! They may look intimidating but they don’t bother anyone and just love to bask in the sun (kinda sounds like me actually).


Plus, their view ain’t so bad.


Sidenote: These little daredevilsΒ also hide in the trees (literally hovering in branches over a waterfall). You have been warned.




Ah, so gorgeous! I am definitely a beach girl and am dying to go back to St. Thomas!

Stay tuned for my next post that will cover days 3-5 in St. Thomas!

xx Gail

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