My Backyard Birthday

So…. I just had a birthday! March 27th (or March two seven as I would say when I was little) was my 18th birthday! I was going through my camera and came across these pictures from my small birthday party that I had a few weeks ago. So I thought that I would add them to the blog (because why not?). Included with the pictures are some tips for throwing a casual but pretty backyard party that is fun and welcoming but doesn’t break the bank!

Thanks Trevor for capturing bits and pieces of this night!


Oh, hey. Didn’t see ya there.


I found this adorable “Happy Birthday” banner in the dollar section of Target so I just had  to get it.



We made sure to have plenty of seating for everyone who was coming. Along with our deck furniture, we placed chairs around the fire pit for more seating (which is actually where we sat for most of the night!).


I spy with my a little eye a lavender lilac candle making its way to the deck. My boyfriend strung lights across the backyard and it looked so pretty. We also lit baby votive candles all around and made the backyard nice and cozy.

Also, in the bottom right corner you will see two buckets. The white one was filled with ice and canned drinks for everyone to help themselves (I also had a large, serve-yourself water pitcher inside) and the metallic bucket held throw blankets for people to use when the weather got chilly.




I made simple, but pretty flower flower arrangements by dividing up one bouquet from the grocery store into small mason jars. I loved the look and it was super cheap decorations.


We kinda went all out with the food — but not for too expensive! Along with fresh pineapples cubes, apple slices, chips and salsa, a cheese board with crackers and grapes, and popcorn, we bought a medium size Chickfila nugget platter (which was a big hit!).



Is it really a birthday party is there is no cake? To be completely honest, I am not a huge cake lover (which turns out fine because I have a gluten intolerance). But, let me tell you, this Pillsbury Gluten-Free funfetti cake was delicious. Just as easy to make as a traditional cake but I could eat it too!


Believe it or not, this is the only picture that I have of some of my friends from that night! I guess we were just too busy chatting and playing cards that I forgot to grab my camera! Oh well. (Left to right: me, Ben, Drew, Colin)


So, that was my last minute, casual backyard birthday. I am so blessed for my sweet friends who came to celebrate with me.

Also, super blessed by my 18 trips around the sun. The Lord has blessed me beyond words and I am ever so grateful.

xx Gail

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