Arriving in Australia

Long time, no blog. While not a truly great excuse, life lately has been so so chaotic. Sadly, sitting down to write a blog post has only been a distant goal for me, but I am glad to say that that goal has been reached again! For those who do not know, I just graduated high school! My second semester of Senior year was beyond crazy with weekend trips, AP exams, finishing up classes, and surviving graduation. Somehow I am still alive, and have some pretty exciting news!

I AM IN AUSTRALIA! WOOOO! If you have read past blog posts of mine, you would have met my boyfriend, Trevor, who believe it or not is from Australia! Trev and I have been dating for almost 3 years now (woah) and have talked about visiting Aus together since the very beginning. So, after 3 years being away from his true home, Trevor’s amazing grandparents gave him a plane ticket as a graduation present — and my parents did the same for me! So on June 16th, Trev, his Pop, and I began our 24 + hour journey to the land down under!

We will be here in Australia for about 3 weeks and have already reunited with some of Trevor’s friends — whom I have never met, given that I had never been this far from home. Trevor is giddy as can be here, which makes my heart so happy. I am beyond blessed to join T in this amazing adventure and just so happy to be making these incredible memories with him and his besties.

Thus far I have eaten way too many Tim Tams (especially for a gluten free girl :/) and taken oh so many pictures. But, can you blame me? Australia (even in the winter) is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.

So anyways, be prepared for SO MANY PICTURES and hopefully some entertaining stories.

Here are some photos from our very first day here in Aus, so enjoy!








Given that Trevor had not visited Australia since moving 3 years ago, he hadn’t seen his best friend Luke in 3 years also. So Trevor messaged Luke’s sister, Tash, soon after we bought our plane tickets and they began to plan Luke’s surprise. But, on our way to surprise Luke, we stopped by this coffeeshop called “Merchant & Maker” and it was super cool!



Post reunion — we hung with Luke for the rest of the day. We took a walk to Pebble Beach (can you tell why it’s called that? hehe) and watched the sun set. It really reminded me of the North West coast actually, can anyone else see it?

So, for some reason, my mind has created a game that it likes to play called “What place in the US does this remind me of?!”. I have been playing this game since arriving and I am sure that Trevor is sick of hearing all of my answers. So far, I have gotten flashbacks to San Francisco, NYC, Charlottesville, Morgantown, VB, Pittsburgh, Sandbridge and Pungo, and so many more places.




This ^^ is Trev’s forever best friend, Luke. He is pretty cool (and has a better accent than Trev, sorry bud).


So that’s where we are in the world. Hope you stick around to see what adventures are to come.

Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you enjoyed!

xx Abbey

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