A Wild Day

Hello friends!
So all of you should know by now that I am currently in Australia! Go to my last two posts for a little more explanation on the why, if you are interested, because this blog post is all about a special experience that we had last week.

Last week, we traveled about 2 hours away to the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary and had such an awesome time. Here are lost of pictures from that day.





The first exhibit we saw were koalas!!! Gosh, koalas may actually be my spirit animal. Most of them were sleeping peacefully in the tree in the cutest little fizzy fetal position.



Another iconic aussie creature is this cute little echidna.



It was so hard to get good pictures of the kangaroos, but they were super cool to see. In fact, Trevor and I had seen some “wild” kangaroos just the day before at an overlook spot with a friend named Jemma.


The amount of “Finding Nemo” quotes that have come to mind here in Australia is crazy. All I could think of when seeing these pelicans is “I know your son!!”.


Sadly not sure the name of this bird, but he certainly is gorgeous.


Speaking of birds, I got to feed these adorable lorikeets!


Peep this little guy who was hiding in a hole in the tree.


IMG_0519 (1).jpg

Hi, sleepy frog.



I have absolutely no idea what the real difference is between a kangaroo and a wallaby, other than the size difference. But anyways, this is a rock wallaby. He likes to sit on top of rocks.



This wallaby gave me a good laugh. All I could think of was that meme of the girl sitting on the bed. Look it up. You’ll see the resemblance.



This wallaby had a baby joey in her pouch! I so wanted a little head to pop out,  but I guess it was just too cold out for this little joey to say hi to us. But we could see the pouch wiggle around!




I’ll be honest, I never really understood the difference between a dog and a dingo. I’ll be honest again, I still don’t. But they are cute.


Sleepy dingo.



Okay, this dingo! He was so interested in us. Seriously, he walked right up to us and just sat there staring. So cute and so fluffy.



And, of course, the emu. I won’t lie, they are actually kind of scary in real life.

There were so many other animals that we saw like a platypus, teeny sugar gliders, huge snakes, a Tasmanian devil, a possum, a wombat, a ton more birds, and a lace monitor.

While this post is different to my usual style, I really enjoyed seeing all these animals and wanted to document it somewhere! So I hope you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by!

xx Abbey

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