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Hello & welcome to my space!

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My name is Abbey (or Gail, to some) and this is my place to share peeks of my life. I love christian living, good coffee, & everything in between (except spicy food).

My goal for this blog is to simply share parts of my life, whether that is photos I have taken or encouragement to an unknown reader. I am thrilled to have a personal space that I can do whatever I want with.

A little about me: I am a 17 year old, born and bred Virginian. I belong to a family of four (not including our 2 doggies). In fact, my older sister is the one who started calling me Gail in the first place.

While I go by Abbey (yes I spell it with an ‘e’),  my full name is Abigail. Somehow, my sister began to call me Gail, just as a sassy joke. Then it evolved into me just saying “Call me Gail!” to make her laugh. Even my mom and good friends have caught onto it.

I decided on “Call me Gail” as the title of my blog for many reasons. While, yes, it is a funny inside joke that I have with my sister, it particularly reflects the meaning of my given name and its significance to me.

If you break apart the name Abigail, you get two parts. Abi + Gail.
Abi (or Abba) means “Father”.
Gail (or the word gay) means happiness or joy.
The name Abigail is translated to mean “A Father’s joy”.

Without actually knowing this, my dad was the one who picked out my name! What a coincidence. But even further than that, I love the meaning of my name because it reflects my soul’s desire to be a joy unto the Lord, my heavenly Father.

I want “Call me Gail” to be a prevalent part of my life because I want to emulate joy in all that I do, and I want other people to notice that about me. I want people to see me as joy.

There is so much about me, I could write on and on. But some things you should know is that I love chocolate, traveling, dachshunds, and Jesus. And obviously some other things, but those things are pretty important to me.

So, thanks, again, for stumbling onto my little place on the internet.